Amager / Trillium SigteBroad 500ml

Amager Bryghus / Trillium Brewing
Χώρα: Δανία
Τύπος: India Pale Ale – IPA
Αλκοόλ: 6,8%


Amager / Trillium SigteBroad

Double dry-hopped New England-style IPA

Once Amager Bryghus and Trillium Brewing Co. had decided to do a beer together, some investigative brewer research started on both sides of the Atlantic. Trillium main man Jean Claude Tetreault (JC) came across the name of an old Danish type of bread called “Sigtebrød”, and we decided to aim for a beer with mostly the same ingredients as in this old style of bread. However, we wouldn’t be Amager if we didn’t dig a little deeper into the matter. It appears that the word “sigte” – in English “to aim” – can be taken back to the Viking era, where a “Sigtebrød” would be baked very hard as a substitute for a traditional longbow in areas where wood was scarce or even absent. After the victorious battle the Viking could then toast their bread bow on a traditional Anglo Saxon toaster. Illustrations of this bread bow have been found in several places in Ireland and Scotland, but not until recently did the confused archaeologists realize, what exactly was going on. Several hundred years later, Danish settlers in Minnesota brought the old Viking bread with them, and it soon gained widespread popularity. Also the bakery girls of blonde, Danish descent selling the bread, became popular to an extreme degree, and local Minnesotans soon nicknamed them “sigte broads” for their good looks. In some areas the baker even had to arm his sigte broads with a traditional Danish long knife to dishearten the most intrusive young, male bread costumers. All very weird, but indeed very true.


Ingredients: Water. Malt: Pilsner, Cara-pils, Low crystal. Wheat malt. Honey. Orange peel. Hops: Columbus, Amarillo, Citra. Yeast: US-ale