Amager Bonny Beer 500ml

Amager Bryghus
Χώρα: Δανία
Τύπος: India Pale Ale – IPA
Αλκοόλ: 6,5%


Amager Bonny Beer

West India Pale Ale

Seriously, you never believed that ole crap story about IPA being a beer invented for British Colonial troops in India, did you? Good, because this is what really happened: Anne Bonny’s husband Jack Rackham was not only a notorious pirate, he was also a notorious drunk. During the 1719 Spanish naval blockade of The Republic of Pirates – in modern times known as The Bahamas – the lack of rhum soon became a problem as Jack’s personality grew even more mean spirited than usual. As much as Anne preferred a sword in her hand to a kitchen utensil, she knew she had to come up with something. Days spent in secrecy in the pirate couple’s kitchen led to the birth of a malt drink three weeks later. In the beginning Jack utterly refused to put his lips to this foul fluid that neither smelled of nor resembled rhum at all. But when Anne added a solid dose of gun powder to the beer, it did mobilize a hint of interest. What exactly Jack commented on Anne’s beer has vanished in the mists of history. But the couple prospered and bred many bonny Caribbean babies. Jack was happy and never thirsty. This beer is our recreation of Anne Bonny’s famous West India Pale Ale – a truly unique beverage. Due to modern nanny state laws we’ve had to substitute the gun powder with nutmeg, for which we deeply apologize.


Ingredients: Water. Malt: Pilsner, Cara-pils. Hops: Herkules, Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, Columbus. Nutmeg. Yeast: US-ale